• Simple web based work order dispatch software.
  • Wireless software that enables a field service team to receive and respond to customer work orders.
  • GPS Tracking (Location, Movement, Speed, Idle Time, etc.)
  • Over 14 Reports (Time, Attendance, Parts and Inventory, etc.)
  • Custom and Editable Fields (Work Order Entries)
  • Eservice offers GPS Tracking and is Available on all Wireless Carriers!
  • Econz integrates into over 100 Accounting and Payroll packages.
  • EService is cost effective at $44.95 per device per month, additional set up fee applicable. 


  • Mobile phone software that enables mobile workers to log clocking in, break, task type and clocking out information.
  • Simple web based software that enables ‘live timesheet’ viewing of mobile worker status, both past and present.
  • Messaging capabilities which allows messages to be sent from the web interface to individual or groups of workers in the field.
  • Ability for a supervisor/team leader to clock team members in and out from one device. 
  • Timecard offers GPS Tracking and is available on All Wireless Carriers!
  • Timecard integrates into over 100 Accounting and Payroll packages.
  • Timecard is cost effective, at $24.95 per device per month. $25 per device set-up fee due at activation.

​​​​​​doForms with Trans-form integrated:
doForms requires only a web browser and a mobile device to get started. Use the hosted doForms web portal to build forms, manage users, view data and generate reports. Forms can be built in under an hour and uploaded on your mobile devices in seconds! doForms is currently available on iOS, Android and from your desktop or mobile browser. doForms is available on the mobile in English, Spanish and Russian with support for additional languages on the way.

Go far beyond your paper form, Excel spreadsheet or PDF document. doForms lets you easily integrate powerful features right into your mobile forms.

Form components:

  • Action buttons
  • Jump to page/question
  • Launch video/website/program
  • Send real-time status to dispatcher
  • Mobile Payments
  • Page breaks
  • Labels (text and graphic)
  • Text and numeric
  • Image, video and audio
  • Date and time
  • Location (control accuracy)
  • Check boxes & radio buttons
  • Sketching (sketch on image)

  • Signature capture
  • Component containers
  • Tables
  • Repeatable sections
  • Layout grids
  • Questionnaires 
  • Approval request
  • Barcode scanning & NFC tag reading
  • CalculationsNumeric
  • Date/time
  • Data lookups (with conditional filtering) 
  • Email (PDFs direct from form)
  • Self-scoring surveys

Skyconnects will create forms to match your current forms format and work with your to provide data via csv file output to integrate with your current accounting system using the Trans-form engine. Priced from $24.95 per user per month.

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