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Covid-19 Outbreak: Supporting A Remote Workforce With Mobile Forms By doForms

The current global outbreak of COVID-19 has caused organisational problems in workplaces all around the world, with many companies requiring their employees to work remotely.

Field Service as an example:

Problem: Paperwork is prolific in field service, including job tickets, invoices, order forms, inspections, proposals, and timesheets. Revenue will be impacted simply because companies can’t collect nor process all the paperwork.

Solution Feature: Schedule and dispatch jobs from the home office, and monitor that jobs are received, opened, and completed. Receive video and images of job site progress, let workers schedule their own day with instant home office visibility by management. doForms also allows you to track workers by mobile phone and offer daily reports.


  • Capture OH&S, safety issues as they happen in real-time, reduce company and directors liability
  • Reduction in non-billable time
  • Elimination of manual data entry
  • More timely reporting
  • Full visibility and control of the field force from home offices
  • All workers are working with the same forms at the same time
  • Replacing paperwork tickets with digital work tickets.
  • Adding image capture, GPS stamps, electronic payment.
  • Inspecting facilities, job sites, hospitals, supermarkets, mines.
  • Forms to instruct workers on new policies and procedures.